Born in 1967 in Germany, this talented photographer first began his career in the world of advertising. Very soon his artistic sensitivity led him to shoot with his own custom cameras and lenses in order to bring a new vision to the world of advertising and music. Touched by the works of Ansel Adams and Italian Baroque Painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, whose works he admired, Neumann’s photography reflects a particular and regular willingness to play with contrasts while obtaining stylized, epic and timeless images. He has done photo shoots with Pelé, Lenny Kravitz, Barry Bonds, Dwight Howard and worked with Canon, Alfa Romeo and Vogue. After collaborating on various projects with the famous American songwriter Diane Warren, in 2011 Andreas Neumann, nicknamed "Dré", was invited to shoot and design the cover and inside illustrations of "I Feel You" album of music legend Herb Alpert. In 2015, commissioned by the television show affiliated to the Mexican wrestling federation, Lucha Underground (US), he shot a series of pictures to publish the book "Lucha: A Tribute" (edited by Paola González Vargas), a real journey into the fascinating world of famous Luchadores. After Mexico City and soon Los Angeles , this book will be on sale in Paris, at the well-known Colette boutique in June 2016.